Situation: The DeBerry Group is proud of the work it has produced for SAWS over the past 10 years. Over the past decade, the team has worked on a variety of outreach efforts including the Refreshing Ideas and Water’s Most Resourceful City campaigns. Most recently, the DeBerry Group worked with SAWS to launch the Waterful branding campaign.

Strategy: The integrated campaign, which emphasized the importance of water and sewer service in our daily lives, included three television spots (English and Spanish), 5 print ads and 15 radio spots, a campaign web landing page, and social media activations that included video from community leaders talking about how water support their respective industries.

Impact: The DeBerry Group has also helped generate national media coverage in USA Today touting the SAWS conservation program. We are also proud of our role in providing ongoing public relations and crisis communication support that includes helping with rate increases, water management plan updates, new water supply announcements, news conferences and much more. We are a proven partner when it comes to working with the business community and collaborating with chambers of commerce and representatives of major corporations. The DeBerry Group has proven to be nimble and available at a moment’s notice when SAWS leadership needs immediate crisis assistance.

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