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Situation: In 2020, San Antonio voters were asked to reauthorize the sales tax to continue funding the Pre-K 4 SA early childhood education program for an additional eight years. We were tasked with managing all aspects of the campaign— from fundraising to campaign strategy and management to message and creative development and social media management. The November 2020 election cycle was anything but normal. With the country in a pandemic, reaching voters with traditional grassroots outreach was more difficult. The measure would appear on a crowed—and volatile —November Presidential ballot that also included two other local sales tax measures, a historic school bond, and a handful of candidates in contested races at the federal, state and Bexar county level. And the anticipated voter turnout was expected to be record-breaking. Faced with these unprecedented challenges, there was no political campaign playbook. 

Strategy: Armed with research, third-party studies with proven program results, and personal testimonials from parents and children, we developed a multi-phased, seven-month campaign strategy focused on facts and testimonials. Understanding the volatile and emotional partisan discourse taking place around the presidential election, the campaign developed a non-partisan communication strategy focused on the facts and the impact of the program. Community advocates from both sides of the political aisle were enlisted to support the initiative and help with all GOTV (get out the vote) activations. There were more than 200 assets created to successfully execute a highly digital strategy that included all social media platforms and over-the-top (OTT) executions.

Impact: The initiative overwhelmingly passed with 76 percent of the vote. Today, the Pre-k4 SA program continues without disruption for the many families and children who want and need access to high-quality early childhood education.

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