The talkStrategy Integrated Communications approach is driven by what you want to achieve, not by the tools themselves.

We ask a lot of questions. What will success look like? What are our hurdles? Who is our audience? How do we best communicate with them?

Then a few more. What’s the optimal path to success? What channels does our audience prefer? How can we make the greatest impact with the most efficient use of energy and resources? 

We define the problem, craft a hard-working and actionable strategy, then break down the silos of public relations, marketing, government affairs, digital/social, grassroots, advocacy, and all of the available channels in the ecosystem. And it’s accomplished by an in-house, on-staff, 100% accessible team of bonafide doers and achievers.

What we do

Let’s talk capabilities.


Whether you are a CMO or many-hat-wearing entrepreneur, we can help navigate and map your marketing landscape. Often that journey includes defining exactly what the destination is (your objectives), and who’s along for the ride with us (your audience). This is why we always start with strategy.

Strategy is so important to us we put it right in our name. And we’ve been able to help clients large and small define their strategy and articulate the most efficient way to bring it to life. Efficiency is key—because even if you have a bottomless budget (a problem few can relate to), the marketing ecosystem is broad, deep, splintered, and ever-changing. We help clients sift through the options, look for those that make the most sense for the target and objective, and plan from there. 

We believe that every brand challenge has its own brand solution, completely customized and specific to your strategy, audience, objectives, budget, existing brand assets, timeline…the variables are endless. So you’ll never get a cookie-cutter solution from us, but a fully bespoke approach crafted for you. 

If you’ve read this far, you still may want to know where we have expertise. Give us a call to chat about specific areas you’re considering and let’s talk strategy.

Here are some key skills and channels we have experience in.

Our Skills:

  • Strategy Development
  • Audience Definition
  • Primary Research
  • Branding
  • Consumer Journey Mapping
  • Grassroots and Guerilla Marketing
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Media Planning and Negotiation
  • Creative Development
  • Content Creation 


  • Social Media
  • Digital, Online, and Mobile
  • Email Marketing
  • Radio and Television (Broadcast and Streaming)
  • Out-of-Home/Billboard
  • Print
  • Experiential Marketing and Events

Not sure where your business needs fit? 
Perfect. We never met a blank slate we didn’t love.

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