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Situation: Over the past 20 years, the H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards have honored Texas educators, providing more than $13 million in funding to outstanding public schools and districts, school boards, early childhood facilities, teachers and principals across the state. Conducted annually, the awards process is a massive undertaking, featuring a highly choreographed schedule of 40 surprise visits to campuses across the state and a celebratory awards weekend with more than $400,000 in cash prizes awarded to winners each year. We have been honored to help bring organization and planning to the incredibly complex program, while leading social strategy and content creation, community management, as well as all marketing and media relations efforts from nominations and applications to winner announcements.

Strategy: Since its inception in 2001, the Excellence in Education awards have slowly built awareness among Texas educators. With more than 300,000 public school educators in Texas, our strategy has been to continue to grow awareness and advocacy among teachers and the communities that support them, broadening our reach and increasing the number of nominations and applications each year. Our annual campaigns target new followers, educating them about what the program is and how to enter, while activating the community of highly influential past winners. Our paid and organic social content simplifies the many opportunities available for educators, while focusing paid social budget on key times of year for greatest efficiency.

Impact: Year over year, we have succeeded in increasing the number of applicants for this prestigious award, even in 2020 and 2021, when teachers across the state were struggling to adjust to virtual and hybrid schooling. Our social engagements and overall community activity follows suit each year, creating a powerfully positive community of educators and families that support a vision of exemplary education across the state.

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