CEO Celebration: An Anamaria Achievement Award Announcement

If you know talkStrategy Owner and CEO Anamaria Suescun-Fast, you know she’s an amazingly talented communications and marketing professional, small business owner, and “can’t stop, won’t stop” Colombiana. She’s also fiercely humble and never skips an opportunity to share her success with others. 

When it was announced that Anamaria would be named the PRSA Del Oro Awards Tex Taylor Lifetime Achievement honoree, she somehow didn’t want to make it all about her. Therefore, this is not a blog about her many (many) talents, leadership chops, or even her bon mots. This is a blog about what other people say about her many talents, leadership chops, and bon mots.

The talkStrategy team celebrated Anamaria Suescun-Fast on the evening of Thursday, May 11 when she was presented the PRSA Del Oro Awards Tex Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award.

Community Kudos

“Anamaria is an inspirational teacher, collaborator and mentor to many and one of the most creative humans I know!” — Andi Rodriguez, Centro San Antonio, Vice President of Cultural Placemaking

“She’s the kind of person that makes you wish you had worked with her for way more years than you have.” — Gretchen Roufs, APR, Owner, Gretchen Roufs | Auxiliary Marketing Services

“She is the person who is the backbone of a team, a campaign or project. Yet it is her essence and attributes that really stand out as an entrepreneur, a leader, a mentor and talented public relations expert.” — Janet Holliday, The CE Group, President/CEO

Team Testimonials

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