AAPI Heritage Month: Celebrating the Polylithic Nature of Asian Culture

During this Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, our team is continuing the conversation around diverse perspectives and inclusive communications. The descriptors “Asian” and “Pacific Islander” are broad terms that encompasses a multitude of cultures and nationalities. We are celebrating this AAPI Heritage Month with team highlights that shine a light on individuals, artists, and organizations that are helping to share Asian American and Pacific Islander stories and experiences.

Be sure to stay tuned here on the blog and on our social media channels, as we honor initiatives, influences, and voices in the industry—and beyond—all throughout May.

Asian Festival San Antonio - UTSA Downtown Campus

#MajorMoment On May 27, 2023, UTSA will partner with one of San Antonio’s foremost Asian American civic organizations, the Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AAACC) Educational Foundation, to offer a one-day event featuring authentic food, multicultural performances, music, games, art, fashion, crafts and more. This event, which celebrates the diverse Asian diaspora in South Texas and San Antonio, has been on hold since 2020.

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Image Courtesy of The University of Texas at San Antonio


Lanikai Diver

Hailing from the same hometown of Kailua, O’ahu, as our Director of Creative Strategy, Shar Tui’asoa and Punky Aloha Studio are bringing #AlohaSpirit to major brands like Disney, Pixar, Apple and AT&T. With original Hawaiian prints and products sold at over 20 retailers, Punky Aloha Studio shares storytelling positivity and the joy of simple pastimes through vibrant digital illustrations. Shar’s inspiration comes from the Polynesian heritage of surfing, and much of their art depicts diverse Hawaiian women catching waves and sporting big, beautiful hair with the carefree energy to match. 

Their technique is grounded in the simple yet whimsical flat form found in traditional Polynesian style, with a goal to achieve the same balanced nature of surfing. Bold color schemes that span the warm to cool spectrum proudly represent the diversity of Pacific Islander identities and communities, inviting us into the kind and laidback lifestyle of island culture. 

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In honor of #AAPIHeritageMonth, the talkStrategy team is continuing to explore the multifaceted nature of the AAPI community and the implications that representation has for us all. As our Chief Strategy Officer aptly states in her latest blog feature, “Ultimately, the experiences of being Asian or Pacific Islander in America is anything but monolithic.” When Common Threads Are Unique: An AAPI Perspective delves into the complexities of cultural identity and the challenge of defining oneself within a diverse heritage. From encompassing around 50 distinct ethnicities and over 100 native languages, AAPI representation includes a vast spectrum of perspectives and backgrounds. We hope this perspective will encourage you to honor the richness of our differences while embracing unity in diversity.

Asia Society Texas

As an educational institution, Asia Society Texas advances cultural exchange by celebrating the vibrant diversity of Asia, inspiring empathy, and fostering a better understanding of our interconnected world. Spanning the fields of arts, business, culture, education, and policy, their programming is rooted in the educational and cultural development of the Houston, and global, community — trusting in the power of art, dialogue, and ideas to combat bias and build a more inclusive society.

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The Art of Hula

In many world cultures, the storyteller holds a sacred place, and in Hawaiian culture, that role is often embodied by the hula dancer. Hula goes beyond mere dance; it is a powerful mode of communication, combining body language, music, and facial expressions to convey narratives that span time and generations. The roots of hula trace back centuries, where it played a pivotal role in Hawaiian life, honoring gods, explaining natural phenomena, and commemorating historical events. Through hula, history, language, and meaningful connections with ancestors and land are both honored and preserved.

Today, hula continues to thrive as an essential part of Hawaiian heritage and identity. Beyond preserving history and sharing stories, hula serves as a powerful medium for healing and self-expression. Join us in honoring the deep cultural significance of hula, embracing the beauty of its movements, and appreciating the profound connections it fosters.

Storyteller, Jay Johansen, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 50"

Mixed Asian Media

To be mixed API is to be part of a diverse and growing population with many perspectives. Mixed Asian Media (MAM) provides a platform to explore pertinent experiences, build powerful relationships, and discover sought-after clarity in the mixed-Asian narrative. Their mission is to support representation and diversity in all mediums.

MAM is a collective created by multiracial, mixed Asian/Pacific Islanders. The collective builds community through conversations on what it means to be of mixed Asian/Pacific Islander descent. From every magazine issue, to an annual creative festival, MAM strives to capture mixed API stories and experiences at all levels and share them through current and future mediums.

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