2023 Marketing Predictions: The Pendulum Swings

Rachel Trevino, Director of Communications

At the risk of conjuring up some serious imagery from Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball…we’re predicting 2023 to be the season of the pendulum swing. Three years after a global pandemic, industries and businesses across the board are attempting to recalculate a return to pre-pandemic norms—or embracing the fresh-trodden trajectory of a brave new world.

We asked Director of Communications Rachel Trevino and Digital Media Supervisor Tina Dunk the top three predictions for business owners and communications managers in 2023. Bonus: actionable tips to help you maneuver through the marketing maze.

#1: TikTok Challenges the Inauthenticity of Instagram

Using short-form video as its hallmark format, TikTok creators are part of the tsunami of #nofilter content across the social media landscape. With Gen-Z at the helm, we are saying goodbye to the era of over-photoshopped images and perfectly posed influencer marketing. Although beautiful, it isn’t “real.” Audiences want to feel like they’re consuming content in its rawest form. With more intelligent algorithms determining what we see on our social feeds, it’s a strong bet that the need for more customized content, community engagement, and creator collaborations will increase exponentially. Enter BeReal. The launch of this sister app is likely to be part of the next frontier in the earnest need for belonging and authenticity.

Our talkTip: It’s better to be present than perfect. Don’t stray away from TikTok and viral trends. Consider highlighting every personnel level of your business with vertical video, and if you want to try something really real: drop the script.

Tina Dunk | talkStrategy
Tina Dunk, Digital Media Supervisor
#2: An Increasingly Divisive World Calls for Smarter Crisis Comms

Cosmic recalculation comes with additional swings that no one can predict. Lingering effects of racial violence, global health crisis, unstable economies, and climate change permeate the internet and our lives. As communications professionals, our role as the conscience counselors for our clients will continue to increase in importance. The need to understand and embrace intersectional cultural strategy in crisis communications work is more essential than ever. The multicultural communities of today’s stakeholders are increasingly values-driven and expecting informed authenticity, transparency, and equitable accountability.

With disinformation on the rise, public relations can be an amplifier for social good. PR pros who evolve their practice with diversity, equity and inclusion in mind will be the guiding lights through a time of dynamic change driven by technological innovation at lightning speed.

Our talkTip: Slow down and take stock of real conversations between community spokespeople before making any quick-decision statements. Being a part of the conversation doesn’t always mean leading the conversation.

#3: Keep scrolling; Storytelling takes over feeds and hearts

Storytelling is a more encouraging way to welcome people into your brand world-building. Think of the pendulum here. Rather than talking at an audience, 2023 is the year of inviting in. Storytelling can help build trust, which according to recent studies, can be a challenge for more traditional media outlets. Psycholinguists have shown that the power of effective stories exists in the ability to induce “transportation” into the narrative.

Our talkTip: Social users can smell a pitch from a mile away. Instead of incorporating a CTA (call to action), consider telling a compelling story and trusting that your audience has the autonomy to vote with their dollar. This is a more empowering “come with us on the journey” approach, where the viewer opts in, instead of an intrusive demand.

Powerful shifts lay ahead in 2023. Take some time to analyze where your business aligns with these predictions and decipher what goals you and your team can incorporate into an impact-first marketing and communications strategy.

And if you have questions about how to make it happen, let’s talk.

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