This Holiday Season, Giving from the Heart

The law of attraction states that the energy we put out attracts more of the same; the things we focus on become multipliers of that focus. As an agency, talkStrategy actively seeks out work that is mission-driven—work that betters the community and people it serves, and in turn, work we feel great about doing.

Whether we are encouraging San Antonians and Texans to complete the 2020 Census, helping school districts ensure the passage of historic bond packages at the polls, empowering local charities to reach new audiences, or helping small businesses successfully navigate the e-commerce and digital marketing maze, our account roster is packed with clients who give us warm fuzzies. So it’s no surprise that many of our clients are themselves mission-driven, so much so that they have their own foundations that serve as conduits for giving back to the community. 

This holiday season, we are putting our people, our clients and our community at the forefront when it comes to our holiday celebration. Like Santa, we dropped in on clients with gifts in the form of donations to their foundations and charities. And though we never tapped Santa’s ability to hit every stop, we made donations in the names of our clients to nonprofits and foundations across Central Texas.

If you have it in your heart to give this season, we hope you will join us and consider one of these nonprofits, or one near to your heart.

Brooks Gives Back serves as the vehicle by which all members of the Brooks community can invest in nonprofit initiatives impacting people in the neighborhoods surrounding Brooks. Brooks formed Brooks Gives Back after recognizing the need for a community-centric organization to support the youth, seniors, and families in the surrounding neighborhoods. Brooks Gives Back raises funds through signature events on the Brooks campus, a portion of asset sales proceeds from the Brooks Development Authority, and donations from generous community members, area businesses, and organizations.

San Antonio Water System’s 14 Uplift programs help ease the burden of utility costs for those who qualify — to ensure all SAWS neighbors have access to life-sustaining water and sewer services. Uplift programs include: Affordability Discounts, Courtesy Holds, Reduced Service Fees, Senior Citizen Billing, Domestic Violence Deposit Waivers, Disability Billing and the Disabled Veterans Initiative. Uplift also includes Project Agua, a donor-based fund that provides emergency payment assistance to those in need, up to two times a year. Project Agua has been critical in providing relief to SAWS customers who were financially impacted in the COVID-19 pandemic.

CAM’s mission is to share the love of Christ by providing immediate assistance and encouragement to people in crisis. CAM serves over 60,000 people on an annual basis with important “safety net” resources including food, clothing, financial assistance for prescriptions, utilities and ID recovery just to name a few. They strive to meet their immediate needs to avoid further crisis and then help them gain access to additional community resources. 75% of those CAM serves are working poor and 14,000 are children. CAM works with over 200 volunteers in San Antonio.

The mission of David’s Legacy Foundation is to eliminate cyber and other bullying, of children and teens, through education, legislation, and legal action. David’s Legacy Foundation fulfills its mission through the Don’t Bully Me Project which works to bridge the gap that exists between those who are victims of bullying, parents, schools, teachers and the rest of the community with the goal of putting an end to bullying. The DBM Project aims to focus on providing legal services to resolve—through court order or other legal remedies—situations where serious incidents of repeated physical, social, and/or verbal bullying are occurring. David’s Legacy Foundation also does extensive outreach through schools, educating students on David’s Law, what cyberbullying is, and how to protect themselves and other students from becoming victims of bullying.

The mission of the Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust is to preserve the unique natural heritage of the Guadalupe watershed for future generations, by protecting open landscapes, working farms and ranches, and wildlife habitat through conservation easements, education, and outreach that connects people to the water and land. The nonprofit land trust organization was developed to conserve land in the Guadalupe River Watershed for its natural, recreational, scenic, historic and productive value. It was founded in 2001 by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, and its voluntary board of directors consists of citizens who share a love of the Guadalupe River—one of the most pristine rivers in Texas.

Creative Action helps young people develop skills for long-term academic, personal, and career success through high-quality, socially and culturally-relevant arts education programs led by professional Teaching Artists. All Creative Action programs are designed to help young people develop holistically—blending arts education and youth development. They create dynamic and engaging learning experiences that allow youth to develop measurable creative expression, a commitment to social justice, 21st century skills, and social and emotional skills.

The San Antonio River Foundation is the nonprofit partner to the San Antonio River Authority. The River Foundation’s ambitious projects range from creating unprecedented opportunities for education, recreation and interaction with nature along the river to initiating, funding and installing exciting urban art projects by renowned regional, national, and international artists.

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