Marketing is best served integrated

By Social Media Account Supervisor Tina Dunk

Marketing and communications, when done well, is a lot like gymnastics. Case in point: Watch Katelyn Ohashi’s “perfect 10” floor routine and you’ll be inspired by her positive energy and incredible skill. If you look closer, you’ll notice her entire team cheering her on throughout the routine—the hard work and countless hours of practice are clear in the entire team’s familiarity with the routine, and ultimately, Katelyn’s flawless execution. That to me is a perfect analogy for a well-executed campaign, with the entire team rooting for success together on the sidelines post-launch. I’m excited to be a part of a uniquely talented and diverse team at The DeBerry Group as the new Social Media Account Supervisor, and look forward to being a part of the agency’s continued success with their clients.

The secret to every successful campaign

Over the past decade working on countless marketing campaigns and communications initiatives for clients like Valvoline, Lovelace Health System, Dallas Water Utilities, Santa Fe Tourism, and Texas Secretary of State, I’ve helped clients solve a variety of marketing challenges. I worked on bilingual social media campaigns for retail clients with a global reach, developed award winning social media initiatives, and managed multimillion dollar campaign budgets for complex healthcare providers. Although no two campaigns are the same, there’s a common process to campaign development and execution that when done well, can lead to significant (and perhaps most importantly, measurable) success.

No matter how an agency presents their service offerings and positions themselves within their industry, their greatness comes down to how well they work together as an agency. I believe that the most memorable, successful campaigns happen when the team is collaborating throughout the entire process. A truly collaborative agency is productive, creative, and innovative. Agencies can be an indispensable marketing and communications partner with a unique combination of expertise and resources to find the best solution for their clients.

Formulating a creative integration plan

One of my personal favorite aspects of marketing is finding the most creative solution to a challenge. Digital and social media provide endless opportunities to express creativity on scales (read: budgets) that can be limiting for traditional media channels such as broadcast and outdoor. Furthermore, the amount of information available from digital and social media means that we can precisely track campaign results and get a more complete picture of our target’s preferences and behaviors. A smart integrated campaign strategy factors in that data with device-specific content that creates a continuum of engagement that’s trackable and attributable. For example, social media messages should be more visual and to the point, to align with scroll-focused, shorter attention spans, while desktop ads can point to longer form content, such as blogs, to engage with audiences in research/reading mode.

Every smart marketing campaign should include social media, and with apps available to build and track your campaign, it’s incredibly easy to do. That being said, as approachable as social media can be when using it as a marketing tool, all of your efforts will be much more fruitful with experts to help lead you to success. In today’s rapidly evolving marketing landscape, you need an agency that knows how to create a campaign that cuts through the clutter of messaging out there.  It’s no longer enough (and arguably, never was enough) to place social media responsibilities on the youngest person in the group. Familiarity with social media as a user does NOT a good social media marketer make. To execute a smart, winning social media campaign, you need to approach it like you would any other marketing tactic—know your target audience, align it with your overall marketing strategy, and track constantly to stay on strategy.

Getting social with The DeBerry Group

I’ve had the privilege to work with some incredibly talented and smart, creative thinkers over the years and am constantly looking for opportunities to fuel my obsession with marketing and all things digital/social. That’s exactly what I found in The DeBerry Group—an eclectic mix of agency vets, digital marketing pros, politicos, and communication experts that have created a truly integrated marketing model with great success and with social media marketing at the forefront. It’s an altogether new way of crafting great campaigns for clients that has everyone working together, cheering each other on from the sidelines. And I’m thrilled to be right there with them.

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