The DeBerry Group’s Continued Evolution—Announcing our newest team member

Integrated marketing

At The DeBerry Group, we don’t have separate departments that work on opposite sides of the office and never talk to each other. It’s not like marketing has their way of doing things, while PR does their thing totally differently.

From social ads to billboards, earned media to blog posts, content creation to HTML5, search engine marketing (SEM) to analytics and reporting, we don’t think in terms of traditional vs. digital media—at The DeBerry Group it’s one big (strategic) activation party. We believe that integrated marketing yields better results than tactics that happen in a vacuum. So we put on our integrated marketing hats with every single client, starting from the very first brainstorm, resulting in unified deliverables every time.

We are truly integrated because the media landscape—and our clients’ needs—call for the most current, sophisticated and cohesive approach. On any given day, you’ll find us collaborating, sharing, challenging each other, learning from each other’s areas of expertise, and working to find new solutions to marketing objectives.

Synergy. Efficiency. Campaigns that are grounded in how people really interact with brands. These goals make us work smarter, and make the work better, but can also make organization challenging.  We’re committed to this way of working together at The DeBerry Group though, and committed to great outcomes for our clients. We’ve recently introduced a new agency role to ensure alignment throughout client campaigns and further evolve with the changing demands of the industry.

Integrated Accounts Coordinator Denise Blaz
Integrated Accounts Coordinator Denise Blaz

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Integrated Accounts Coordinator, Denise Blaz. She’s an eagle-eyed taskmaster whose role is to bring support and consistency to client content among the changing demands for integrated elements.

Denise joined the team on June 18thand has already hit the ground running to make sure we’re working together as seamlessly as possible. We sat down with our newest hire to learn a bit more about her and what makes her tick

Q: Where are you from? Are you a San Antonio native?

I’m originally from Brownsville, Texas. My sisters and parents live in San Antonio too, so it’s very much home now. I love San Antonio and its pockets of coolness.

Q: Tell me a bit about your work experience—where have you worked previously?

I’m a former journalist. Previously I have worked at News 4 San Antonio, various media outlets within Texas and most recently handled communications and events for a local nonprofit named Alpha Home.

Q: Why do you think an Integrated Accounts Coordinator is important at The DeBerry Group, or at any job?

The volume of content that we are orchestrating for our clients is astonishing. It would be so easy for something to fall through the cracks; it’s a testament to the team that they have kept it so organized. We want to be able to continue to evolve in the marketing space, and right now the space demands that everything—social content, email marketing, print ads, earned media, blog stories, sponsored content, influencer activations, digital advertising—all of that not only supports the strategy, but specific messaging pillars as well. This is what truly integrated marketing campaigns do, and why I’m so excited to be here.

Q: How do you envision your role making an impact at The DeBerry Group?

My goal with the role is to bring further organization among our team so we’re all working to achieve the highest optimal level. I’m looking forward to bringing efficiency, coordinated communication, and asset clarity at The DeBerry Group for the best integrated content creation and delivery.

Q: We love animals at The DeBerry Group. Do you have any pets? (Pictures are a must!)

I do! I have a cute rescue pup named Milo. We just celebrated his five-year adoptaversary in May.

Q: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I love going to concerts. My next scheduled one will be at the end of July when I’ll go see the Foo Fighters at Wrigley Field in Chicago.


Q: Last—and most important—question: corn or flour tortillas?

Flour, for sure.

Milo is Denise's rescue pup
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