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We hadn’t reached the end of the first day of M2Moms®, a three-day conference in New York City about marketing to moms, before I texted my fiancé, “Being a mom sounds like so much work. How do parents do it?”

The sheer amount of responsibility that moms carry was a reoccurring theme of the conference, and a reminder to marketers to be smart, and more importantly, considerate as we attempt to reach these busy ladies in a jam-packed media environment. Don’t assume all moms are the same or waste their time with unrealistic portrayals of their daily lives. Instead, think about the changing demographics of today’s parents, consider moms brand partners and make their lives easier.

As a marketing partner for Dr. Smith’s® diaper rash products, we have used this knowledge to effectively reach moms across the country. The brand’s newest innovation, a touch-free, zinc oxide spray that treats irritated baby bottoms, makes diaper rash one less stress for mom. For years, we’ve worked with influencers to create engaging and insightful online content about parenting and have traveled to events like the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower and Bump Club & Beyond’s Gearapalooza Tour to meet moms in person and answer their questions about diaper rash.

We look forward to M2Moms each year to see the latest research, stay on top of trends and generate new ideas for our clients. Other key learnings from this year’s conference included:

  • Millennial moms spend 17 hours a week on social media
  • 67 percent of moms are caring for aging parents
  • Online influencers want to know what a brands goals are and how they can help achieve them. They want to know the results of their brand partnerships.
  • Moms want to fill roles beyond that of the caregiver, they want to spend more time exploring what it means to be the cheerleader, the hobbyist, the friend, and the confidant
  • Moms resent intrusive marketing, and ad blocking is on the rise
  • Cell phones are taking peer opinions to the point of purchase
  • Only 1 in 3 Millennial Moms are buying the products they grew up with
  • Instagram and Snapchat are the social media favorites among Millennial Moms
  • More women are waiting till later in life to have children and more dads are fulfilling the role of caregiver
  • Amazon is emerging as a favorite retailer among moms for pricing, customer service and reliability

If you’re looking to connect with parents, we’d love to visit with you about our capabilities to help you reach your marketing goals.

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