Do Our Holiday Favorites Involve Supporting Small Businesses This Season? Bingo!

In the past, we’ve never needed an excuse to shop small and local. It’s fun. It benefits the community. And it’s just all-around goodwill towards all. But, boy, oh boy, if there were ever a year to shop small during the holiday season, 2020 would be it.

Because many small businesses are facing financial hardship this year, we want to do our part and shout it one more time for the people in the back: Shop Small, Love Big. To help everyone have a merry little holiday, our team is excited to share our favorite top 4 small, local businesses we enjoy supporting.

And to keep things extra fun as you show your support, we’ve crafted a Shop Small, Love Big holiday bingo card. See how many times you can BINGO when you shop small for the holidays.

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Bingo categories: Fashion, Boutique, Retail, Plants, Sports, Memorabilia, Pets, Non-profit

Mariah Contreras | talkStrategy

GGs House

This mother-daughter duo is the sweetest and always has the perfect outfit for any and every occasion. Me, my sister and my mom walk in, and they treat us like their own family. The shop is small, but they mix and match to create outfits you’d never expect. They carry local lines as well as traditional boutique brands like Kori America, Umgee, and Flying Tomato. Truly, if a store can dress all three girls in my family, you know it’s special!

IG & FB: @ggshouseboutique

Sports Cards Plus

Sports cards are on track to be worth more than the collectible sneakers industry. There is nothing cooler than opening a Topps box and finding a rare turkey or a jersey card. Collecting cards is something I did with my dad growing up, and now my roommates and I are getting in the game! Sports Cards Plus has a great selection of collectibles and new boxes.


A plant lover’s dream! If you are new to plants or a pro, Tillage is the place to go. Kara has created a little escape in downtown SA and has exactly what you need…and what you didn’t know you needed!

IG & FB: @tillageplants

Doodle Rock Rescue (based in Dallas)

Doodle Rock Rescue is a volunteer-run, foster-based, non-profit that rescues poodle mixes. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE A DOODLE ANYTHING!!! I’ve always wanted a Goldendoodle but could never swallow the hard pill of getting one from a breeder. Shoutout to algorithms for showing me Doodle Rock Rescue on IG because I kid you not, they have taken all of my spare change since August. They travel near and far to save doodle mixes from shelters and breeders. They also take in found doodles.

IG & FB: @doodlerockrescue


Bingo categories: Art, Boutique, Fashion

Laura Hotten | talkStrategy

Choice Goods

Comic-mischief is one of my favorite, all-time type of joy I love spreading, and Robert Tatum draws this type of humor into every piece of his art. Great for the dudes in my life.

IG: @tatumoriginals
FB: @TatumOriginalsChoiceGoods

Garcia Art Glass

I am a glass junkie, and this family knows how to create original, gorgeous pieces of glass art.

IG & FB: @garciaartglass


Outlaw Kitchens

I love chefs who take food into an art form, and this kitchen attends to every single detail to prepare new menus every week.

IG: @outlawkitchens
FB: @Outlaw-Kitchens

Very That

She puts everything I think and feel onto merch—mujer power!

IG & FB: @verythat



Bingo categories: Fitness, Coffee, Pets, Retail, Crafts, Boutique

Anamaria Suescun-Fast | talkStrategy

San Antonio Pets Alive
Pause for Paws
God’s Dogs Rescue

As a huge dog person, and one with six rescues as my furbabies, I wholeheartedly support our local dog rescue organizations doing the hard work in saving our furry friends. There are sooooo many to name, but my three favorites are:




(Important personal PSA: Please Adopt Don’t Shop this holiday season.)

Belle & Union

I am not a crafty person, but I love the idea of being crafty and love shopping for creative items. Belle & Union is one of those places. Love walking through the store and being creatively inspired.

IG & FB: @belleanunionco


Energy X Fitness

The owners (and coaches) are the most amazing and positive people around. This is a true fitness community built around health, fitness and camaraderie.

IG & FB: @energyxfitness


Love this (Colombian, woman-owned) business for a delicious cup of café. The owner is an amazing small business owner who has created a wonderful coffee house and a place for the community to promote and support other small businesses.

IG & FB: @coffeecionadolife



Bingo categories: Pets, Brews & Wines, Art, Restaurants, Sweets

Jesse Leyva | talkStrategy

Affordable Pet Care

They’re a local shop with a lot of heart that really cares about your companions.

IG & FB: @APCBasse

Roadmap Brewing

Local brewery that supports local artists by promoting a monthly glass bottle from only local artists. Their home-made beer is some of the best in town, and the owner is a real fun guy.

IG & FB: @RoadmapBrewing


Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co.

Dorćol Distilling + Brewing Co. is a passionate team of individuals that give back to the community by hosting events and promoting vendors selling their wares every month. Chill but upbeat vibe with a lot of different options.

IG & FB: @DorcolSpirits

Demos’ Greek Food

One of the most humble Greek dining experiences, but the flavor is full of delicious Greek goodness. All of their items are delectable and mouth-watering. Try their Baklava for an honestly sweet experience.

FB: @demosgreekfoodsa
IG: @demosgreekfood



Bingo categories: Restaurant, Market, Sweets

Kung Fu Noodle

I love Kung Fu Noodle because the food is so authentic, delicious, and super affordable. They serve traditional noodles in different styles (sweet potato noodles, thin noodles, and thick noodles) that anyone will find enjoyable.

FB: @Kung-Fu-Noodle

Seoul Food (Korean Grill)

The service and food are absolutely spectacular. It’s a taste of Korea with a homestyle feel.

2456 Harry Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209


Tim’s Oriental & Seafood Market

Tim’s was the first-ever oriental store I found in San Antonio to satisfy my craving for new and delicious non-western snacks. The owners have been wonderful since day one and consistently have a stocked store full of different varieties to grab a little taste of the Orient.   

IG: @tims_oriental_market
FB: @TimsOrientalMkt

Snopioca (Taiwanese Shaved Ice)

Snopica serves so many delicious desserts that are super light and exciting. They have so many interesting flavors and toppings that I could never get bored since there’s always something new to try.

IG & FB: @Snopioca



Bingo categories: Fashion, Publication, Boutique, Vegan, Restaurant, Health, Kids

Tori Johnson-Inimgba | talkStrategy

Ethical Style Journal

I appreciate their commitment to sustainable fashion education, production, and activism. Ethical Style Journal always inspires me, from upcycling, shopping, and personal styling.

IG & FB: @ethicalstylejournal

La Botanica

La Botanica just closed their St. Mary’s location last month. They are still in business online, and I would not be myself if I did not shout them out. For five years, they’ve served the San Antonio LGBTQIA+ community vegan food, entertainment and regularly participates in local initiatives and activism.

IG & FB: @labotanicasa

SA Midwife Birth Center

SA Local midwife center offers safe & honest home and birth center options, reproductive education, and care to expecting families in the city.

IG: @sanantonionursemidwife

The South Chicken & Waffles

Delicious soul food restaurant here in San Antonio that has amazing hospitality and music. This family-owned restaurant has expanded quickly over the past five years to 2 locations.

FB: @thesouthforum
IG: @thesouthchickenandwaffles



Bingo categories: Deli, Restaurant

Sandwich de Paris

This medical district staple precedes the development boom that brought Merit Coffee and Bakery Lorraine to Louis Pasteur Drive. When med students needed a lunch break, they’d head over for a fresh sandwich on a baguette with the savory soup of the day; and they still do. Working on that side of town early in my career put me on the hunt for a great sandwich, and I found it with consistent quality at Sandwich de Paris. 

IG: @sandwichdeparis

Geno’s Deli

Geno’s Deli on Huebner Road is the epitome of a local neighborhood favorite. Brooklyn native owner, Aleem, brought his New York sensibilities to this unique deli/convenience store, along with flavorful sandwiches that folks can’t get enough of. I happened upon it through a “sandwiches near me” Google search one day, and it’s been my go-to lunch when working from home.

FB: @GinosDeliSA
IG: @ginosdeli


Chicago Deli

This hidden gem at the corner of Wurzbach and Vance Jackson has been around for 20 years. Their gourmet bread and bagels are made from scratch by in-house artisans from this family-owned and operated enterprise every Thursday. I’ve found this place to be great for lunch and breakfast with its toasted bagels and delicious spreads. 

FB: @chicagobagelanddelisanantoniotexas

Mama Adam Foods

Ok. Throwing a curveball here. How about a gyro sandwich for some variety? This unassuming Mediterranean food truck quietly provides great service and food out of the parking lot of a Shell gas station on Medical Drive. I was pleasantly surprised when, on a whim, I placed an order. They work hard at serving up fresh Beef Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma, Falafel, and more.

FB: @mama-adam-foods
IG: @mamaadamfoods



Bingo categories: Sweets, Crafts, Boutique, Vegan, Health

Tina Dunk | talkStrategy

Alamo Candy Co.

Alamo Candy Co. is my favorite candy store for all the sour candy (for the kids) and all the Mexican candies (for me). I’m sending some of their Mexican candies and sweet & tangy chilito powders to out of state family members.

IG: @alamocandyco
FB: @AlamoCandy

Fuerza Unida SA

Fuerza Unida SA creates multiple handmade products. I’m getting Spurs masks for my out-of-town fam!

IG & FB: @fuerzaunidasa


Mission Shoppe

Mission Shoppe sells mission-inspired gifts & decor. I’ve got my eye on the Mission Conception and San Jose mugs as gifts.

IG & FB: @missionshoppe

Organically Bath & Beauty

Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free bath & body products, with the prettiest soaps & bath bombs!

IG: @organicallybeautyinc
FB: @organicallyinc


Bingo categories: Fashion, Boutique, Retail, Fitness, Health

Trish DeBerry | talkStrategy

Julian Gold

Locally owned women’s clothing boutique. Customer service is the best on the planet!!

IG & FB: @juliangoldsa


A spin studio with great instructors & a spin community like no other!

IG: @joyridestudio
FB: @joyridecyclingandfitness



Female operated and owned; Lee curates and carries some of the coolest shoes in San Antonio.

IG & FB: @leeleeatpearl

Specialized Fitness

Coaches are excellent at fitness and very knowledgeable about diet, sleep, lifestyle choices & injury recovery.

FB: @specializedfit


Bingo categories: Restaurant, Pets, Market

Don Dimick | talkStrategy

Cappy’s Restaurant

Our favorite local restaurant for date night. Holds a special place as it was where I proposed to my now wife. Great food and still trying to do our best by getting take out occasionally, but we hope to be back on the patio or inside enjoying our favorite restaurant soon.


Mike’s Dog Store

Our favorite local spot to buy dog food and spoil our two pups. Mike knows both my wife and me by name and always asks how our two dogs are by name from memory. The definition of local hospitality and a place that always puts a smile on our faces to visit.



Granzin’s Market

A hidden gem in New Braunfels, Granzin’s always gets a visit when we are in the area. Whether it be for home-made jerky or picking up provisions for a family gathering, Granzin’s is the greatest meat market/grocery in the area.


Mon Thai

Mon Thai is our favorite weeknight takeout spot in the area. From crave-able dumplings and spring rolls to mouth-watering Pad Thai and curries, this hidden gem is our favorite Asian restaurant, hands down. Perfect for a cozy night-in curled up watching a movie or for sharing “Dim sum” style! If you haven’t had Mon Thai before or even just recently, do yourself a favor and order some tonight!

FB: @mon’s-thai-bistro


Bingo categories: Market, Kids, Fashion, Boutique, Retail, Vegan, Sweets, Health

Kristine Smith, The DeBerry Group

Minnano Japanese Grocery

For Japanese treats and trinkets, check out Minnano Japanese Grocery. There are tons of goodies packed into this small and unassuming store off Fredericksburg Road—from crazy snacks and sweets to tiny stickers—great for stocking stuffers or even a Christmas care package.

Hot tip: Flavored Kit Kats go fast when they are in stock!

FB: @minnano.japanesegrocery

Maple Tree

Maple Tree is a designer kids resale boutique created by local high schoolers as part of the Alamo Heights Business Incubator Program. Buy and sell, recycle and reuse, and put some smocking and ruffles on that tot!

Hot tip: Follow on Insta and be ready to purchase as inventory turns quickly.

IG: @mapletreekids.ahhs


Green Vegetarian

Got a vegan/vegetarian/veg-curious person on your shopping list? Green Vegetarian Cuisine offers gift cards, making it really easy for your herbivore to treat themselves.

Hot tip: Even if you aren’t a vegan, the faux Hostess cupcakes are legit.

IG & FB: @GreenVegetarian

Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

I have been drooling over these guys for a while and am looking forward to finally ordering around the holidays. Since I can’t decide what to get, I might just calorie-splurge on the Kid at Heart bundle (

Hot tip: They are online only but have recently added local delivery. Get in my belly.

IG & FB: @SouthernRootsBiz



Bingo categories: Brews & Wines, Retail, Fashion, Boutique, Kids, Home & Garden

Kimberly Maldonado, The DeBerry Group

Randado Wines

This boutique winery isn’t tied to a single vineyard or varietal, which allows them to source the highest quality grapes to make a wide range of small-batch, premium wines. They sell and ship directly to consumers. Oh, and my brother owns it – so, that’s cool, too!

IG: @randado_wines

Sunset & Co.

This store has it all. I always find something special for any occasion or celebration. They have an online/curbside pick-up option now, too. I love to browse the store, though! 

IG & FB:

Belles & Beaux

This locally-owned boutique is my neighborhood go-to for children’s clothes, books, gadgets, and toys. They are always helpful and provide complimentary gift wrapping. Love this place!

IG: @bellesandbeauxsa

Esther Penn

This woman-owned store carries quality, easy to wear clothing, shoes, and accessories in small quantities, so their inventory is always changing—which is nice! I love the owners’ curation of goods; I always find great gifts here…and gifts for me, too!

IG: @esther_penn



Bingo categories: Fitness, Sports, Deli, Restaurant, Sweets, Pets

Laurin Shambora | talkStrategy

First Serve Tennis

First Serve Tennis has a great selection of tennis shoes and great racquet stringing. 

IG: @firstservetennis_satx
FB: @FirstServeSA

Four Kings

Four Kings has the best comfort food around, offering scratch-made soups, sandwiches, salads, and sweets.

FB: @FourKingsCafe


Polly’s Pet Shop

Polly’s Pet Shop has a wide variety of products available. They get all of their puppies and kittens from the Animal Care Services in San Antonio, Texas.

FB: @pollys.pets.1



Bingo categories: Coffee, Health, Restaurant, Smoothies & Juices, Fashion, Boutique

Rise Up Acai Bowls

Rise Up has delicious Acai Bowls, smoothies, and coffee. It’s a great atmosphere to study, and they have amazing service. Love the trendy aesthetic that Rise Up gives off. 

IG: @riseupsatx
FB: @rise-up-acai-bowls-llc

Sushi Seven

Serves a variety of Sushi rolls, even ones that you can customize yourself. It’s a much cheaper option than other high-end sushi restaurants.

IG & FB: @sushiseven

Blanco Alterations & Tailor

Our family has turned to Blanco Alterations & Tailor for about ten years. Stephanie is a professional, and her work is always incredibly detailed and precise. She does a great job of getting things done at a time that best fits your schedule. Very convenient and prices are reasonably low.


Fralo’s serves a variety of tasty pizzas. I love that the restaurant is outdoors; the setup is very unique. It’s a great place to enjoy delicious pizza, with excellent customer service and delightful live music.

IG & FB: @FralosPizza



Bingo categories: Coffee, Sweets, Restaurant, Pets, Home & Garden

Lindsey Campbell, The DeBerry Group

Shotgun House Roasters

I’m all about salted caramel, and they have a really amazing salted caramel latte—made best by barista Ston. There are two locations in San Antonio—the Warehouse 5 location is a repurposed sewing factory turned multi-suite creative space.

IG & FB: @shotgunhouseroasters

Espada Coffee

Espada Coffee is another solid coffee option that makes up my regular rotation with Shotgun House—served out of a pink truck currently located outside Armadillo Boulders in the Pearl area.

IG & FB: @espadacoffee


BOSS Bagel

The name really says it all; it’s a bagel place. I grew up outside of Boston and went to college in New York, so bagels have long been a breakfast staple for me. BOSS fills in the gap with a solid bagel and cream cheese selection.

IG: @bossbagels
FB: @bossbagel

Locke Hill Pet Feed

This local pet store/lawn supply has a wide variety of supplies for a range of pets at great prices with a very helpful and knowledgeable staff. As a bonus, they supported the San Antonio Stars WNBA team as a corporate sponsor during my time with the team.



Bingo categories: Fashion, Salon, Retail, Smoothie & Juices, Boutique, Market

Lauren Medellin | talkStrategy

HeadQuarters Salon

HeadQuarters Salon provides haircuts for men/women/kids (They offer gift cards, too!). The owners are an awesome husband/wife duo operating out of a vintage trailer in Southtown. Get a HeadQuarters Salon gift card for a friend or family member who needs a little treat yourself time.

IG: @headquarters.tx
FB: @headquarterssalon.tx

Temple of Offering

Temple of Offering is a retail shop that offers high-quality, sustainable apparel, and home goods. This small business is dedicated to only selling merchandise from brands with transparent business practices and environmental sustainability. Their curated selection of accessories and home goods make perfect holiday gifts!

IG & FB: @templeofoffering

Squeezers Juice Bar

Health is wealth! Nothing like a good juice cleanse after the holiday season. Support this small local business by purchasing gift cards for the whole fam to enjoy fresh-pressed juice!

IG & FB: @squeezersco

Wong’s Bodega

Wong’s Bodega is a plant-based local convenience store that aims to connect and support local vendors, artists, and food truck vendors with local San Antonio grocery shoppers. Give loved ones a gift basket from Wong’s Bodega that features tasty plant-based treats from different local food vendors.

IG: @wongsbodega
FB: @wong’s-bodega



Bingo categories: TDG #RetroInspo, Retail, Boutique, Fashion

Sundown Vintage

Shoutout to our very own small business owner, Lauren Medellin, for running her online vintage fashion store Sundown Vintage. Sourcing all over Texas & beyond, Sundown Vintage offers a curated selection of handpicked vintage clothing, accessories & decor that make unique gifts for everyone!   

IG & FB: @shopsundown

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