Five New Norms Marketers Must Traverse during the COVID-19 Situation

For communicators, delivering relevant and effective content means knowing the lay of the land. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, that landscape has drastically changed prompting marketers to adjust their strategies and tactics in order to drive results. For a rare few, the best course of action might be to not add to an already noisy conversation. However, if you want to engage during this unprecedented time, here are 5 new norms to consider to ensure your brand is relevant and responsive in this new paradigm.#1

Adapting to media consumption changes

It’s easy to understand why current reporting shows an uptick in social traffic. Media consumption has changed dramatically since the start of quarantine. TechCrunch cites a 40% increase in usage on Facebook-owned platforms; the increase in user activity combined with the decrease in advertiser activity is leading to a drop in CPM and CPE. This provides greater efficiency for businesses looking to expand their audiences, boost engagement and share relevant useful content.#2

Gauging when COVID-19 talk makes sense in your brand conversation

Content should take the current situation into account but doesn’t have to overtly discuss it or focus on it. When injecting your brand into the public COVID-19 discourse, marketers should first ask if this is in their brand’s wheelhouse and area of expertise. It’s important to ask what engaging with this topic says about your brand and does it help move your objective forward.#3

Consider pivoting the types of content you post

Every marketer has an opportunity in this current climate to pivot the discussion towards positivity and to position their brand as a welcome voice in a storm of chaos. Content that is uplifting, positive, and of human interest provides an antidote to COVID-19 overload.#4

Take advantage (thoughtfully) of new technology and platforms

The onset of social distancing has led to a surge in video streaming and usage. Consumers are coming up with new ways to share media together as well. Seizing opportunities to test new technology and methods to engage your audience is becoming more of a priority for marketers. Instagram parties, Netflix watch parties, and TikTok dances are becoming the social touchpoints of our time primed for your brand’s message to latch onto.

Creatively modifying your business model

For small businesses, now is the time to get creative in adapting your business model to meet the needs of your customers and ultimately help market your brand. Examples like drive-in movie setups and local restaurants transforming their storefront into makeshift food markets to alleviate the burden and stress for the consumer takes into consideration how bringing perceived value and service to your audience helps drive brand affinity.

New norms can be tough and even disorienting. But this quickly changing landscape is traversable. Just as before, media consumption is never ceasing, and skilled marketers still have creative opportunities to ensure brand relevance and value, which is becoming more important in the days ahead.

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